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Mirror Mirror

Your eyes reflect the time
Everything what’s good in me
Your heart in the shape of mine
You’re the mirror of my kind

Oh look how time flies around our heads
You said let’s get burned to see how it hurts


I’m a car crash girl
There’s a fire in my breathless soul
No single tear
Beyond control
Why’s the night so long
Got no guru taht will take me home
A lonely heart
From end to start

Metal catch on fire
Riders of denial
And faces
Look in the dark
Look in the dark
Look in the dark

In the void I go
Nothing here seems close to what I know
Here comes the night
My midnight rite

Santa Muerte

Hey little death
I can feel your breath upon my neck
Hey not quite yet
Come with me and I will make you tame

Soon you will find
A magic light

Hey once you’re mine
You will never stop to wonder why
Hey I will come
Take your hand
Together we are one

Soon you and I
Will rule the night

Bring your love and say
Nothing is wrong
I’ll carry your bones wherever
Bring your dusty dread
Keep me with you
Hold me and stay forever

Hey sing with me
Father death how sweet your love can be
Oh Mother night
I fear the day
I wish it never may come

Soon what was said
Will be undone

Can’t Wait For War

Can’t wait for war
Do you know when we’re falling
The tension grows
And the man knows what’s coming

How can we know
Might is right
Mistakes they grow
Before the great divine
I’ll break your fall
And if I die
I’ll try to be again
The same as always

Can’t wait for war
Put your gun on my shoulder
White planes hang low
Let me know when it’s over

Holy Holes

I’m drawing deep in your blood veins
Rest me in your hidden place
Scars forming holy holes
Step into your consciousness
Will I be suprised, I guess
Wild combination

I’ll set your heart on fire
I’ll call you my desire
Just let me make my mark on you
If you only love the way I do

I’m building house in your warm flesh
Guide me to your nearest hatch
I want to stay for good
Gently melting into one
Can stop what I have began
I will possess you


For a pleasure of his flesh
She would go over the rainbow
Nothing was too much for her
Bit by bit his cherry flavour

Drink his fear so he can’t fear it
Eat his ear so he can’t hear it

For the pleasure of his flesh
She would go to far to handle
No one ever tasted so swell
Bitter sweet his cherry flavour

Drink his fear so he can’t fear it
Eat his ear so he can’t hear it

Just another hungry girl


I can still remember
Faking love with you
For so long we lingered
Walking hand in hand
What we did at night
In our speachless bed
Would you carry me
Straight into my grave

I think I’m falling
And you’re in so deep
God will reward you
For this mess we’re in

I can still remember
When I drained my heart
With the perfect care
We turned gold into blame
I was someone’s love
Now I’m my own hangman
Would you bury me
Where It all began

Up In The Hill

Up in the hill
Lover’s where you shouldn’t go
Up in the hill
High enough to brake a bone
Up in the hill
Where you trick yourself to death
Up in the hill
Eyes won’t close
And mind won’t rest

Where do you go
In your rocket turbo
So far from home
There is no heart
And there is no soul
Too high to know
Are you really there
Or is it just they told me so

Devil knows high
Devil knows low
Jet back to me
You’re my wonder and fear
It’s always been clear
You’re a cosmic dream
Are you really there
Or is it just the wild eyed boy

My Name Is Youth

People always say
I’ve got a pretty name
What’s your name?
My name is youth


In the witching time of night
When hell itself comes out
Contagion to this world
Now could I drink hot blood
And do such bitter things
As the day would quake
To look on
The day would quake
To look on

Oh heart please don’t grow weak
I cannot risk the danger
My tongue and soul in sleep
My guilt plays with intentions
Let’s put a leash on anger
That’s how running wild
Running wild
Running wild

For in that sleep of death
Anon the dreadful thunder
In the flaming youth I pray
The devil pulls me under
And hest dry up my brain
Will he let the spirit
Freely sour
Let the spirit
Freely sour


This is my dream
Stream of extreme
Where I can go too far
Now what to do
Whis this great chance to
Rise and fly
Dream high

Dream everything
That’s dreamable
And in your sunken head
No limits to the vivid life you get

Don’t need the moon
I can make my own moon spark in the dark

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